Let your community, employees and customers know you are working with a Las Vegas based organization that's redefining how businesses support and optimize their people and productivity. 


That’s precisely what you’ll get by becoming a Strategic Sponsor of The Variegate Group, a 100% women-owned small business.  We are committed to advancing diverse workplaces, closing the gender, culture and generational divides. Our strategies initially reduce, then eradicate, some of the thorniest 'people issues' facing businesses today. 


Our Sponsors:

  • Are Smart Decision Makers

  • Recognize the value of having and being a Loyal Customer

  • Understand the power of referrals and 

  • May not need your services right now, but they certainly know someone who does.

As a small business, we understand time is the most valuable asset.  There is power in numbers when we pool together and support one another in even the smallest of ways.   Why not help us, help you showcase your products and services?


Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Benefit from the exposure and goodwill of our business and dedication to improving our local community.

  • Help create a premier network of professional partnerships that understand the power of numbers and networking. 

  • Gain visibility for your leaders and brand

  • Showcase your corporate support for diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Enhance community outreach and recruitment

  • Exposure to our engaged community of women continues year-round through our website, community service, monthly e-newsletter, tele-classes, on-site signage, a printed brochure, and a comprehensive digital marketing campaign including e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels.

  • Prominent display of your logo on our website.

  • Consistent sponsorship mentions on all social media campaigns, increasing your logo exposure, impressions and views.

  • We sponsor and co-sponsor local events through our alliances with 10+ non- profit groups.

  • Multi-media marketing for each event delivers a minimum of 10,000 local valley area community impressions.

  • Signage and promotional materials at our local workshops and 'pop-up' cafés feature our Supporters' logos, plus many opportunities for additional exposure.

  • As members and sponsors of numerous professional community networks, Supporters gain exposure opportunities through:  

    • Chambers of Commerce throughout the Valley  

    • Rotary Club (Henderson)   

    • Las Vegas Hospitality Service Providers  

    • League of  Women Voters  

    • Social Register, and more, in the upcoming months

Some of Our Current Sponsors Include:






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