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Limited Time Offer!

Special Lunch & Learn Offer for New Clients!

Want to take a test drive? For a limited time we are offering a lunch & learn series that introduces the Variegate Advantage to new clients. You choose from one of the following topics, and select the time and place which best fits your needs.


Contact us now to learn more. The consultation is free.


  • Emotional Intelligence - Emotional Quotient, (aka. Emotional Intelligence) has twice the power of iQ to predict performance. These skills are learnable, measurable and valuable at work, especially in complex roles. This Lunch & Learn is a brief intro to EQ and examines the core competencies and the tools you can use to assess.


  • Generational Intelligence -  We can feel frustrated and misunderstood when working with different generations. 2017 marks the first time 5 generations entered into the workforce, (Gen Z) and they are not mini versions of millennials. So how do you continue to challenge and innovate while remaining inclusive of all generations in the process? How do you increase retention and decrease turnover? This Lunch & Learn explores those topics.


  • Gender Dexterity - Learn how you can cultivate inclusive workforces organically by moving beyond the obvious biological and cultural differences to include attitude and behavioral differences. This introduction allows you a glimpse into the HOW and WHY these occur.


  • Behavior vs. Personality - Learn the difference between behavior and personality and the history of personality characteristic assessments. How can these work for you?


  • Complexity of Diversity & Inclusion - Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are complex and here we introduce the many facets of its origins.  Where do you start?


  • Explore Diversity of Thought - Learn what it means to have a diverse thought process and what it takes to get there. This Lunch & Learn introduces you to The Variegate Education Model and the leadership competencies for tomorrow’s workforce.  It is a great overview of the services we can offer you.

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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