We can feel frustrated and misunderstood when working with different generations. 2017 marks the first time 5 generations will be in the workforce, (Gen Z) and they are not mini versions of millennials. So how do we continue to challenge and innovate while remaining inclusive of all generations in the process? How do we increase retention and decrease turnover? 

Generational Course Offerings

When Generations Connect - Communicating Across the Generational Divide

Generational Intelligence


Five distinct generations are working together shoulder to shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. It used to be that older workers were bosses and younger ones took orders. Now, roles are all over the board and rules are being rewritten. When “Generations Connect” demonstrates not only why it’s important to understand what shaped each generation, but why they behave the way they do. Find out how generation gaps hit the bottom line. Learn what to do about the approaching talent gap; grasp the keys to retaining the generations you need most and discover how to convert this form of diversity from an obstacle into an opportunity.


Millennials as Managers

Generational Intelligence


Whenever a new group enters the pack, everyone’s hackles seem to rise. It’s the discomfort of the new, the unfamiliar, and the unknown. Unfortunately, this often leads to feelings of resentment. Grumblings of, “I had to work tooth and nail to get to where I am,” become rumblings of “I didn’t have anyone to help me get where I am, you figure it out.” If, as a manager yourself, this is your initial reaction to the idea of Millennial managers, there’s no need to feel bad about it. This trial-by-fire or sink-or-swim mentality goes centuries back, and it’s a way of having newbies prove that they deserve to be among the esteemed rank.


Introduction to Generation Z

Generational Intelligence


Generation Z are NOT Mini-Millennials. The findings reveal new insights into the work styles and preferences of Generation Z. Findings showcase how leadership can better anticipate their arrival, and how Generation Z will shape the workforce of the future.


Leadership for Every Generation

Generational Intelligence


This course helps you identify the obstacles and opportunities for leadership within each generation and understand the potential impact everyone can make as a leader. From attitudes about loyalty to staying on the cutting edge, each generation brings unique leadership traits to work. While some try to figure out which generation’s way of leading is best, in reality no generation is better or worse; they’re just different.


Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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