the Power of EQ

The Variegate Group provides products and services using neuroscience to surface naturally occurring unconscious bias.  The ‘Variegate Change Model’  demonstrates how we induce profitable change.  

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Quotient, (Emotional Intelligence) has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. EQ skills are learnable, measurable and are valuable at work, especially in complex roles.



We can feel frustrated and misunderstood when working with different generations. 2017 marks the first time 5 generations will be in the workforce, (Gen Z) and they are not mini versions of millennials.

Gender Dexterity

Gender Dexterity focuses on the naturally occurring tendencies.  Female and males approach life and work tasks differently, each complimenting one another like pieces of a puzzle.  The result? A level of empathy and compassion that produce an engaged and effective team.   

Behavior & Personality

Personality is what you are; behavior is what you do, and it's what you do that makes a difference.  Learn how to tell the difference and the value of knowing in a business environment.


Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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