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We can feel frustrated and misunderstood when working with different generations. 2017 marks the first time 5 generations will be in the workforce, (Gen Z) and they are not mini versions of millennials. So how do we continue to challenge and innovate while remaining inclusive of all generations in the process? How do we increase retention and decrease turnover? 

The foundation of any successful inclusive development program begins with core competency training on how great minds think unalike. Our Generation IQ Program is designed to advance awareness, while fostering an inclusive culture, where difference makes a difference. 


Generation IQ (GIQ) Program

Our curriculum is developed from over 80 years of research.  Specifically, workplace generations originating as far back as the industrial revolution.  It is broken into the following 6 core modules:


  • History of Generations –  Defining the Generation

  • Stereotypes – Neuroscience of how and why stereotypes are formed and what sets profiling apart.

  • Distinction between Life Stages & Generational Profiles – Fundamental differences in characteristics of lifecycles and generations

  • Societal and Technological Impacts in Shaping a Generation – Medical and technological impacts on generations.

  • Generational Clashpoints  - Humanizing the workplace to improve empathy and communication

  • Reframing Perspectives  – Techniques on how to take action and change behaviors 

  • The Lens of Inclusive Planning – Personal accountability and inclusive leadership, and potential relationship impacts on the change of perspective.

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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