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Why and how are where we started when we set out to uncover methods that were on the forefront of inclusive and diverse thought.  Why aren’t current diversity programs working in many organizations and where do we even begin to find one that does?  How can we avoid costly trial and error when it comes to picking the best program to serve the needs of our organization and culture?  How do we even begin to vet where opportunity lies when we don’t have the headcount or software in our company to run the data?


These are just a few of the questions we asked ourselves years ago and set out to answer. The Variegate Group is excited to share our findings and offer up a prescription tailored to your company’s needs.  


We are continually made aware that females on boards show a healthier bottom line than companies without.  But why?


We can feel frustrated and misunderstood when working with different generations and yet Generation Z /Edge will be the first time in workforce history that we have 5 generations working together!  So how do we continue to challenge and innovate while remaining inclusive of all generations in the process?  


Companies continually dismiss the power of introverts as they get lost in a traditional business settings where the confidence and competence are placed on those who speak out the most. So how do we recognize and harness their strengths being sure to include their approach when it comes to company strategy? 


Current diversity and inclusive initiatives are costing companies millions of dollars and moving them backward! How can we change it?


We are here to help you move your company forward in a constructive and affordable way as well as provide real data and tracking on the positive changes made.  We continually evolve the why and how approach in our company and bring it to you in an easy to digest formula complete with quarterly progress summaries. We sense, respond and pivot according to your organizational culture knowing full well there isn’t one prescription for all.

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Our Team
Shyloh Wehner
Thinker & Founder


Having spent over 20 years in the world of business and within a variety of corporate and cultural settings, I have developed a portfolio of progressive and revolutionary styles of leadership that foster healthy and happy teams. I have capitalized on my natural ability to approach leadership with a totally different lens, one that is more genuine and intuitive, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

My first-hand experience has proven there is no single approach which fits all when it comes to the conversation around thought diversity and inclusion. I am passionate about developing and presenting tools which foster human and cultural growth that pivot and respond to an ever-changing environment and workplace. My years of research, practice and relationships in the fields of Gender, Generational Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Personality/Behavior, Holacracy and Self Organization allow me to provide solutions that will increase human potential and surface innovative solutions and strategies to enhance a companies performance.

My capabilities and current areas of focus include but are not limited to:
-Diversity & Inclusion Programs and Education
-Leadership Development and Readiness
-Succession Planning
-Cultural Development


Shyloh obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Texas Christian University and is currently pursuing the Chief Diversity Officer graduate certification from UNLV.  Her work experience includes Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Crabtree & Evelyn and Zappos.com.

"In virtually every organization, regardless of the mission and function, people are frustrated by problems that seem unsolvable."-  Margaret J. Wheatley

EI: "Deliverer"


Generation: Gen-X

Certifications: EQPC

Scott P. Stobie
Finance and Accounting 


A lover of the outdoors and all things country, I look forward to wearing my suit to work during the day and then transitioning into cut off shirts and jeans in the evening, (homemade cut off shirts!).


Born and raised in England into a military family, (Royal Navy) I spent majority of my youth moving from place to place. I first ventured State side in 2007, moving to Kentucky.  I lived there for 8 years (the longest in one spot), and while the Bluegrass holds my heart I currently call Las Vegas home.


I have a BBA in Accounting from Morehead State University and have spent the majority of my career in Finance and Banking.  It is the experiences that I had in these industries that opened my eyes to the concept of diversity of thought. Naturally occurring to me as a millennial, it is not understood and often discouraged in the fields of finance. I’ve set out to change that in the Variegate Group. The world is too big a place to put people in boxes, let them open-up and see what can be accomplished!

Generation: Millennial​

Curtis D. Johansen
Technology Associate


As a former U.S. Marine and U.S. Army Reserve veteran - honor, integrity, and determination is the cornerstone of my moral being.  Over the past 40 years, I built multiple successful careers as a small business owner and Information Technology professional.  

Born and raised in Southern California provided a great environment for learning to embrace differences from a very early age.  Having enlisted U.S. Marine straight out of high school, the Corp instilled the necessary skills and leadership qualities which enabled me to build multiple small businesses.  An entrepreneur for nearly two decades was as challenging as rewarding.

My passion for electronics and computers paved the way for a new adventure.  I join the U.S Army Reserve and simultaneously obtained a B.S degree in Industrial Technology program from East Carolina University. I severed a year tour in Iraq assigned to the U.S. State Department. By 2012, I successfully transitioned my career into private corporate sector.  

My decision to join The Variegate Group was not only based upon my experiences transitioning into the workforce in my 50’s, but the inevitable need for a diverse mindset.  The fact is, the success in my life and career would not have been possible without the guidance and participation of my mother who was not only a single parent, but my business partner.

Generation: Gen-X

Pam Johansen
Thinker & Founder


Having attended the University of Maryland for a BA in Communications and Computer Science, her passion for learning new cultures and diverse communication techniques paved the way for human development and trendspotting.  


For almost two decades, Pam built her career in Information Technology specializing in business intelligence, reporting & analytics. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies such as: Network Solutions, Verisign, America Online, The United State Marine Corp, Carfax, Time Warner Cable, and Zappos, Pam has a broad spectrum of IT and analytical expertise in marketing, customer service, HR, quality assurance, website analytics, customer profiling and segmentation, supply chain, edi, data warehousing, metadata, and enterprise business intelligence tools.

Also during that time she pierced the veil of senior leadership as a Director of Business Intelligence, and possesses first-hand knowledge of the challenges for women in technology.

"Karma is the only entity which is truly unbiased."

EI: "Guardian"


My why..... "To champion fairness & equality so others may experience equal opportunities of success."

Generation: Gen-X

Certifications: EQPC

India Earheart
Associate Thinker

Upon Googling my name last week, my son was horrified. Six states popped up as well as pieces of some 16 past addresses. “You sound sketchy, Mom...” one of my three teens said.

Perceptive. As a military wife for 19 years, I couldn’t hold down an address, much less a position in the workforce for more than two years at a time. “Sketchiness” would easily embed itself into my evolving and quickly revolving resume. My only chance to progress during those years was to parlay my diverse past into something each prospective employer could use within their company.

I view my history like a piece of agate -- bands of wildly different colors layered over time in a single rock. While those bands formed, I obtained my BA in Journalism/Mass Communications. I’ve been the minority-as a caucasian working with/teaching Mexicans in a school, as a female heterosexual reporter working for an NPR affiliate and daily newspaper, as a female operations manager working with all male high-rise contractors, as a person who is congenitally hearing impaired in a sales position which requires not missing a word. I’ve also been in close proximity to the other side, arriving inside a company to find all of my employees undocumented, exploited and afraid; or working where males were regularly devalued.

As I arrive in my mid-forties, nine years within the same company, I’m realizing age in itself is truly a complex piece. I’ve had to find ways to adapt my career position to my mental and physical growth. Continuing to incorporate my old while developing new vibrant bands has become a personal mission!

Generation: Gen-X

Tyronda “Ty” Weinert
Associate Thinker

A dynamic personality has served Ty well in the world of politics and business for over 20 years. Immediately upon graduating from Bowie State University with a BS in Political Science in her home state of Maryland she began building her reputation as a critical thinker with keen communication and analytical skills. During the 2000 Presidential Election Ty was on loan to the NV AFL-CIO Labor 2000 where she served as Campaign Field Director. She fell in love with the City of Las Vegas and met her now husband of 15 years. In 2001, while working at the State-wide Nonprofit Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) she enrolled at the University of Phoenix and in 2003 received her Masters in Organizational Management. Ty transitioned from nonprofit fundraising, back to politics and labor relation as the Communication Director and then Political Director of SEIU Local 1107.  In 2005 she retired from politics, wrote a business plan and received SBA funding and two business grants for Potato Valley Café Las Vegas which she owned and operated until 2010.  


Most recently, Ty served as an independent business consultant offering a variety of services including research, training development, event planning and strategic planning.


Ty is a local comedian and motivational speaker, a Licensed Substitute Teacher and Public Notary; a Certified OWL (Our Whole Life) Sexual Health Facilitator. She brings the perspective and experience to complement any organizational goals.

Generation: Gen-X

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