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SWOT Analytics

Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunity - Threat

Our SWOT Analytics take a two pronged approach: 


Assessments -which identify areas of Strengths & Weaknesses.  Our assessments maximize your investment by using the results as your baseline, as well as providing insight into your Passive Analytics. Additionally, we offer a Dashboard & Profiling Tool set, (optional) where we embed those baseline metrics in order to observe change throughout your company.

Analytics - which surfaces Opportunity & Threats for your organization.  Our passive analytics statistically validate and strengthen the entire SWOT approach by surfacing unconscious bias in action along with self perceptions reported in the assessment phase.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Emotional Intelligence Assessments

We have an full arsenal of Emotional Intelligence Assessments - specifically tooled to assess and educate your entire organization:

  • Individual Spectrum

  • Leadership Skill & Development

  • 360's

  • Team EQ Profiles

  • Team Vital Signs

  • Leadership Vital Signs

  • Organizational Vital Signs

These assessments have been validated within the global marketplace over the past 20 years., and pinpoint with precision organization risk or mis-alignment.  

Generational Assessments

Our Generational Assessments identify those blindspots that typically sit in groups or departments. We assess and surface additional opportunities for ALL age groups, not just Millennials!  Our Generational Model was built and validated with industry leaders and experts who speak globally to generational challenges.

Gender Dexterity Assessments

Our Gender Dexterity Assessment brings awareness and surfaces actionable intel focused on unconscious bias coupled with real solutions.  Our Assessment, as well as our content, focuses on men AND women.  We strike the balance between insight, perspective and understanding by offering the opportunity to explore and solve for situational occurrences. 

Behavior/Personality Assessments

No need to recreate the wheel when it comes to personality assessments! Our company partners with master certified specialists of Myers Briggs and Predictive Index (PI).  Your specific needs and objectives will be evaluated before proceeding with either assessment.  We specialize in making those results actionable for individuals, as well as leadership and organizational teams.  

Passive Analytics
Opportunity & Threat
We carefully examine and analyze your HR Dataset library to surface opportunity and risk through the D&I lens. Using our validated KPI measuring system, we surface unconscious bias and identify area of opportunities for your employees to begin their mission in creating the cultural climate you wish to achieve.  Additionally, these analytics also contain predictive index models which identify"at risk" employees, so as to mitigate the slow breed of unhealthy organizational attrition.
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