Vinay Karanam
Team Player

Summers in a foreigner country and Winters back in India is the best way to sum up my childhood.This constant change in locations helped me understand different cultures,push beyond my comfort zone,adapt to new people,cuisine and learn new languages at a early age.

After I graduated with BS, I went straight into IT work force.I'm a BI consultant who specializes in SAP BI/Data analytics products. I've provided my consulting services to companies such as Savi Technologies,Oxford Corp,Zappos Inc,Apex Systems,Wells Fargo etc.

On top of that I'm the owner and operator of 3 different eCommerce businesses, member of few non-profit organization and provide my time for mentorship programs. My current 5 year goal is to be location independent and set up a passive income stream that will allow me to do new things and not be constrained by 9-5 schedule.

I'm passionate about discovering new things, pushing boundaries,finding solutions to problems and ofcourse traveling. Through all my travels either for work or pleasure,meeting new people and understand what/why/how of their lives really fascinates me. During these travels I've come across a wide spectrum of people who have reservations about their own cultures and diversity.

What fascinates me the most is the fact that people aren't happy with change in diversity.Regardless of what decade they were born in.They are creatures of habit and prejudice. If the change happens to threaten their way of life, they will fights against it or make peace for the greater good.

Two decades ago, by popularity we had two gender options male and female based on biological concept. But gender is no longer based on biological concept but a social construct that allows people to express their life style. Now if you ask a GenX about LGBT, regardless of their personal opinion majority of them can provide you with an answer. Question the same people about LGBTQIA and they might think its a Q&A section of the LGBT website.

The per-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change". Diversity at work place comes with change,if an organization or a person isn't adapting to the constant changes with respect to diversity then there wont be any growth.With out growth they'll be as relevant as ask Jeeves or AOL ( remember then GenX?! I don't haha).

So what is the cost for diversity? time, resources, money...the list goes on. Hopefully this panel will help provide solution to your particular problem.

Generation: Millennial

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