Scott P. Stobie
Head Coach - Finance & Accounting

A lover of the outdoors and all things country, I look forward to wearing my suit to work during the day and then transitioning into cut off shirts and jeans in the evening, (homemade cut off shirts!).


Born and raised in England into a military family, (Royal Navy) I spent majority of my youth moving from place to place. I first ventured State side in 2007, moving to Kentucky.  I lived there for 8 years (the longest in one spot), and while the Bluegrass holds my heart I currently call Las Vegas home.


I have a BBA in Accounting from Morehead State University and have spent the majority of my career in Finance and Banking.  It is the experiences that I had in these industries that opened my eyes to the concept of diversity of thought. Naturally occurring to me as a millennial, it is not understood and often discouraged in the fields of finance. I’ve set out to change that in the Variegate Group. The world is too big a place to put people in boxes, let them open-up and see what can be accomplished!

Generation: Millennial

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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