Rae Wilson
Team Player

During her 24 year tenure at Ameristar Casinos, Inc., (currently Pinnacle Entertainment) a multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded gaming and hospitality company.  Rae held the position of Corporate Vice President and oversaw multiple departments including Administration, Entertainment and Communication while serving on the organization's Corporate Executive Committee and a Member of the Foundation Board of Directors.


Rae played an integral role in the opening of multiple properties as well as the company’s IPO.  Her vast contributions were recognized in receiving the first-ever Chairman’s Award for Excellence.


Rae went on to create several businesses specializing in innovative leadership, communication and emotional intelligence training. She provides a science-based, results driven business training solutions to optimize leadership performance while improving individual's overall health and lifestyle. This science-based approach is utilized at major companies like Boeing, Intel, HP, and Kaiser Permanente. It is also used at NASA, every branch of the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs and by Olympic teams and professional athletes. With over 300 peer reviewed studies appearing in prestigious medical journals as well as highly respected publications like the Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal, the evidence-based science is well established.

Businesses utilizing this approach achieve an impressive ROI resulting from reduced health care costs, reduced turnover, reduced absenteeism, reduced mistakes, improved communication and teamwork and higher performance ratings in many other metrics. Individuals using this scientific approach not only improve their performance as a result of better focus, the ability to tap into the "executive functions" of the brain and accessing their intuition, but also reduce stress, reduce fatigue, improve sleep and experience many lifestyle improvements. Clients also enjoy witnessing the improvement in real time on biofeedback software.

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