Pam Johansen
Team Owner

Having attended the University of Maryland for a BA in Communications and Computer Science, her passion for learning new cultures and diverse communication techniques paved the way for human development and trendspotting.  


For almost two decades, Pam built her career in Information Technology specializing in business intelligence, reporting & analytics. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies such as: Network Solutions, Verisign, America Online, The United State Marine Corp, Carfax, Time Warner Cable, and Zappos, Pam has a broad spectrum of IT and analytical expertise in marketing, customer service, HR, quality assurance, website analytics, customer profiling and segmentation, supply chain, edi, data warehousing, metadata, and enterprise business intelligence tools.

Also during that time she pierced the veil of senior leadership as a Director of Business Intelligence, and possesses first-hand knowledge of the challenges for women in technology.

"Karma is the only entity which is truly unbiased."

EI: "Guardian"


My why..... "To champion fairness & equality so others may experience equal opportunities of success."

Generation: Gen-X

Certifications: EQPC, EQAC, EQVS, EQYV

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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