L. Kay Wilson, Esq.
Team Player

During Kay Wilson’s experience as an employment law trial lawyer for over two decades, she was been a keen observer of how power is used and handled by leaders and where unfair uses of power create corruptions and inefficiencies.  From 2001 through 2006, Kay worked as a federal attorney representing the United States Postal Service.  Within a year, she was designing training for supervisors and managers to improve their affect and attitudes toward postal employees while also preventing harassment claims.  For this training program, and many others Kay designed for the Postal Service (diversity, civil procedure before the EEOC, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training), she received recognition and awards from Postal Service leaders.

In 2006, Kay left the Postal Service to launch her full time executive coaching practice.  Her focus is helping leaders with strong personalities learn to moderate their wattage and improve their relationships.  She calls this coaching process Maverick Leadership Principles, a/k/a “Charm School for Mavericks.”  During this coaching relationship, Kay instills in the client a will to evolve and sharpen the saw.  Kay openly admits that she is a reformed maverick herself, which she credits for her success with strong leaders.

My why:  My mission is to rapidly improve how leaders apply their power.  Until powerful people have the courage to share the space for other leadership styles, things will not improve.  It’s “all hands on deck” for our companies, our countries and our communities.  Leadership diversity is a must.

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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