India Earheart
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Upon Googling my name last week, my son was horrified. Six states popped up as well as pieces of some 16 past addresses. “You sound sketchy, Mom...” one of my three teens said.

Perceptive. As a military wife for 19 years, I couldn’t hold down an address, much less a position in the workforce for more than two years at a time. “Sketchiness” would easily embed itself into my evolving and quickly revolving resume. My only chance to progress during those years was to parlay my diverse past into something each prospective employer could use within their company.

I view my history like a piece of agate -- bands of wildly different colors layered over time in a single rock. While those bands formed, I obtained my BA in Journalism/Mass Communications. I’ve been the minority-as a caucasian working with/teaching Mexicans in a school, as a female heterosexual reporter working for an NPR affiliate and daily newspaper, as a female operations manager working with all male high-rise contractors, as a person who is congenitally hearing impaired in a sales position which requires not missing a word. I’ve also been in close proximity to the other side, arriving inside a company to find all of my employees undocumented, exploited and afraid; or working where males were regularly devalued.

As I arrive in my mid-forties, nine years within the same company, I’m realizing age in itself is truly a complex piece. I’ve had to find ways to adapt my career position to my mental and physical growth. Continuing to incorporate my old while developing new vibrant bands has become a personal mission!

Generation: Gen-X

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