Brittni Shelton
Team Player

Brittni began her career as a business owner right out of high-school with a $25,000 loan from her blue-collar  worker father who took out a second-mortgage loan to provide it. With those funds, Brittni bought a dilapidated dry cleaners and laundromat. From her hometown of Roosevelt, Utah, Brittni learned the value of hard-work and long days. She spent 16 hours a day cleaning the oil from the clothes of workers in the nearby oilfields.


​Realizing she would never get ahead by the daily grind, Brittni expanded her business to include servicing mats and linens to local business. Within 2 years, Brittni had run out the national competitor and took all of their business. She repaid her father’s loan early and sold her business for $400,000 a few years later.


​From there, Brittni moved to Alaska and bought failed Funeral Homes from a national chain that determined to vacate Alaska. Brittni rescued the home and turned that location into the largest chain of Funeral homes in the entire state with six locations in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and Fairbanks. She sold out her business for a solid 7-digit profit after only 4 years and moved back to the lower-48.


​Since that time, Brittni has launched a restaurant, a distribution company, built a successful investment firm specializing in Real Estate and the Stock market, funded the most popular reality show on television, and served on the Executive Team of the 2nd fastest growing solar company in America. From these experiences, she has seen the struggles companies have to Identify, Attract, Develop and Retain valuable human capital.  She understands people are strategic and when you know who they are, the possibilities of success are endless.


“I didn’t know dry cleaning.  I didn’t know funeral homes.  I didn’t know solar.  But I understand business. And the most important part of any business is their PEOPLE.”   

Brittni's demonstrated performance as an exceptional Human Resources Director and Entrepreneur led her to her latest venture as a PI Certified Partner.  She teaches businesses how to maximize productivity using the PI software suite and how organization can predict whether someone is the right fit for the job, how quickly they'll learn that job, how they'll behave in that job, and how to inspire them in order to maximize their performance.  

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

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